The Best Kept Secret.

Glenn Burke | 29 May 2023

What would you say is the most important item in your wedding budget?

Derek Pengelly is a Specialist Wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies and Party Host.

Many wedding couples have found his book “Wedding Day Secrets” very valuable to help inform them of choices available to them.

What follows is not meant to shock or alarm you. It is meant to help you avoid situations which until now you may be unaware of.


“Many of today’s weddings concentrate on “the look”, and a great deal of the budget is spent on venue dressing, especially as more and more innovations are being offered by way of decorations and lighting. There are more and more service providers clambering for a slice of the budget, and all of them suggest you must have the latest this, that or the other. It’s very easy for the budget to run out of control, and to end up with money spent on items which will actually have very little impact on your guests’ enjoyment.”


Reception Hall & Catering = 37%

Wedding Ring = 23%

Bridal Attire & Gown = 16%

Photo/Video = 9%

Entertainment = 5%


Entertainment = 38%

Gown = 18%

Flowers = 16%

Reception Hall & Catering = 8%

The statistics mentioned above, were produced by, and the copyright is held by ©USA publications and ©St Louise Bride & Groom magazine. Sources include ©Simmons; ©USA Today; ©National Bridal Service; ©The Knot; ©Bride Magazine

Pengelly notes, “These are American statistics; however my own research, and personal experience as a wedding entertainer, is that there is no difference in the UK.”

"The biggest kept secret in the wedding industry is that entertainment is vital to the success of a wedding reception. Yet official advice and information places this way down the list of priorities. Why is this? Why should such an obvious fact be overlooked by so many advisors? In my opinion it’s because other service providers seldom see the whole picture. They concentrate on their product or service. More importantly they do not attend the wedding, and even if they do, they are not present for the entire event."


It is important to invest in quality entertainment to ensure that your guests can enjoy themselves and stay engaged throughout the evening. A good DJ will have the experience, equipment, and skills necessary to keep your guests entertained.

While it may be tempting to save money by hiring a cheaper DJ, you may end up sacrificing quality and ultimately regretting your decision. Remember, when it comes to your event, it's worth it to invest in a professional and talented entertainer who can tailor a fun and engaging experience around your guests.

Good DJs are not cheap and cheap DJs are not good!

How much importance is placed on the way you and your guests will “feel” on your wedding day? How much emotion will there be in the room? Will your guests laugh? Will they cry?”

No matter what your budget may be, do your own research and talk to people about their wedding experiences, and then you can make informed decisions.

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