Create an atmosphere.

Want customised, elegant mood lighting for your event? What about fun, electrifying effects for your dance floor?

With our intelligent, computer-controlled lighting systems, Mobile Disco Belfast can transform your event into a full-blown production - all in your colour scheme, and to the beat of the music too!

With a variety of lighting options to choose from, we've got styles for every occasion, including uplighting, hearts, stars, seasonal shapes, lighting sticks, star-lit DJ booth, LED disco balls and/or moving heads. We have haze and fog machines, large light stands, lasers, strobes, UV lights, or a pin-spot if required.

Prepare to be stunned!

If you want everyone to dance, make it as dark and moody as possible, and we'll see more people getting lost in the music!

Here are a few videos we recorded before people where dancing:

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