Music is the answer.

Music is the most memorable aspect of any party. Mobile Disco Belfast's organic approach will reflect your taste and evoke emotion in your guests, without the stereotypical DJ cheese.

When the music is tailored to their tastes, the audience is less likely to get bored which creates a better overall experience.

From over a decade of experience, we can quickly identify what to play, how to play it, and when to play it. It’s about creating a vibe where people can’t wait to dance, so that once they start, they never want to stop.

With a mixture of all popular styles, we can bridge the gap between classics, trending tunes and throwback jams. We know every single floor-filler, and we can do strict policies for specific themes.

We have remixes, edits and mash-ups from exclusive record pools. We have clean versions of all the hits for weddings and children. Any genre and specific songs you want – we will play them at your event.

We're always open to requests, and can download any song from the iTunes store on the spot. With an extensive music library of over 50,000 premium audio quality songs, we are not limited in any regard.

We will deliver an unreal, action-packed dance party that your guests will never forget. You will have so much fun dancing to your favourite songs!

Dance like nobody's watching!

Superb sound quality.
Harmonic song transitions.
100m wireless microphone.
Additional microphone.
Backup equipment on standby.
External mixing desk. 
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